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The Rick Copeland Outdoor Heritage Foundation (RCOHF) was established to honor Rick's legacy in outdoor conservation and to continue the work of The Wilderness Unlimited Foundation that Rick organized in 2006. It was his vision for hunting and fishing opportunities be available for the novice, women and youths. Rick knew freedom is outdoors; the accomplishment of hiking to the top of a ridge to glass for a buck; the tranquility of geese flying overhead in a duck blind and the stillness of casting a fly on a rushing river. His wish is to share those experiences, love and peace with everyone.   

He helped provide those experiences to thousands through Wilderness Unlimited, The Wilderness Unlimited Foundation and his countless volunteer outlets. 

Who Was Rick Copeland?

Rick Copeland was the quintessential outdoorsman with a deep passion for preserving our traditional outdoor heritage, getting families involved in outdoor conservation and recreation, and championing causes for fishing and hunting....

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Our Board of Directors

Jerry Trafton

Chairman/President, RCOHF

I was born and raised in Stockton, California. I attended Tokay High School in Lodi, California and from there went to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  After about a year there I came back home to California and went to college Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I pursued a Civil Engineering degree. After 3.5 years there I moved to Sacramento where I finished my Civil Engineering degree at Sacramento State University and worked in the field doing construction.

I married my wife, Stephanie, a professional track and field athlete and am raising a beautiful 3 year old daughter together where we now reside in Galt, California.  My passion has been the outdoors since the day I was born. I have volunteered over the years at many youth events mentoring young kids in the outdoors whether it be hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, shooting or other outdoor activities. I continue to work for Moreno Trenching and to this day is still the only job I have ever held.


Robert Moore

Director, RCOHF

Legislative Coordinator

California Bowmen Hunters

State Archery Association


Level 3 NTS Archery Coach, USA Archery & NFAA

Master Bowhunter Ed. Instructor, Cal IBEP

Training Specialist, CalNASP

I enjoy all aspects of archery and hunting for recreational and consumptive activities. Teaching and/or training persons to the wise use of resources for all has been a goal for many years and hopefully many more years.  

  • Participate in archery, bowhunting and conservation organizations to promote and protect the uses of a bow and arrow for recreational and consumptive uses.
  • Interact with local, state and federal governments on maintaining or adding recreational uses to the lands they control.
  • Organize, train and certify individuals to safely and effectively teach archery individually or in groups.
  • Organize and host International Bowhunter Education Program classes for California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Organize and host Advanced Bowhunter Clinics for CDFW.
  • Organize and host archery and bowhunting training for CDFW Wildlife Officers.
  • Partner with Conservation Organizations to host archery and/or bowhunting clinics.


Rich Ambrosino

Director, RCOHF

I was born and raised in Oakley, CA to a farming family.  I attended Liberty Union High School, where I was involved in 4-H and FFA through the years.  Taking meat cutting classes in high school got me interested in cooking.  I processed all my families’ wild game and domestic animals.  Sausage making was a key part of the process.

I married my wife, Kim, a school teacher, and raised our three boys.  I worked for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for 30 years. 

Volunteering was always encouraged while growing up, so Kim and I continued to instill volunteerism as our sons grew.  I was on the Oakley Volunteer Fire Department for 13 years, cooked for their many functions, as well as continued my education by acquiring State Certified Engineer, Firefighter 1, & EMT certifications.  

I also have cooked for various non-profits for their fundraisers like the Lion’s Club, Hospice, Children’s Home Society, Relay for Life, the Delta Advocacy Foundation, Contra Costa County Historical Society, The Farm Bureau, California Waterfowl Association and The Wilderness Unlimited Foundation. Our family has been members of Wilderness Unlimited since 1992 and has helped with various events and cooking functions.  This year, I completed the City of Oakley’s Leadership Academy as well as the Bay Area Regional Parks Docent Training Program. 


Will Perry

Director, RCOHF


NRA Firearms Instructor

Level 1 NTS Archery Instructor

CPR, First Aid Certified

CA Advanced POST LEO

I grew up in Tracy, CA with a family that enjoyed the shooting sports and the outdoors. I shot competitively throughout my childhood in long range rifle matches. I grew up hunting for small and big game with my father. I participated in Boy Scouts as a young child all the way until high school, receiving a wide variety of merit badges and certifications.

Since 2006, I have volunteered as a firearms range instructor for various youth and women’s programs and events, including a larger youth summer camp. I wrote and implemented various firearms training programs for our events and successfully instructed many young shooters.

I enjoy camping, fishing, and hunting big and small game, including upland and waterfowl. It is something I am passionate about and hope to help develop that passion in my own family and families around our region. Being involved in conservation efforts and ethical use of our wildlife resources is very important for our minds and souls.


Jenna Perry

Director, RCOHF


Level 1 NTS Archery Instructor

CPR, First Aid Certified

I grew up in Alameda, California with my parents, my dad, RCOHF’s name sake and President/CEO of Wilderness Unlimited (WU), Rick Copeland and my mother, who is a retired elementary school teacher. The outdoors has always been apart of my life and now it is apart of who I am. First hunting and fishing experiences were had on the back of my dad, camping with my sister and catching toads and snakes with my mom. My dad’s commitment to the outdoors, hunting and fishing went beyond providing opportunities for the members of WU. He understood the importance of conservation, maintaining and growing the land access available for these activities and also the very real importance of getting women and kids involved and “hooked” on the activities as well. Knowing without the next generation, it would all be lost. Both parents have strong desire to teach and to give kids hands on experiences with the natural world and this has been passed down to me. These are the mentalities and examples I grew up with and continue to push for today. 

I have my Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Marketing from Cal State East Bay. I directed a successful youth summer camp for 6 year, created and implemented a number of  youth and women programs and events in partnership with WU. I have been the Youth Fair Director for the Sacramento International Sportsmen's Expo for the past 5 years. I participated in Safari Club International's American Wilderness Leadership School in 2009 where I gained new skills on getting new people involved in hunting and shooting sports.  

I am an outdoors woman in my own right. I enjoy big game hunting, waterfowl and my favorite is upland bird, working side by side our family dogs. I am happy to be on the ocean or lake, throwing a lure or casting a fly rod. Or simply roasting a marshmallow at the campfire.

Nothing brings me greater joy and satisfaction then bringing a new person into the outdoor community and giving them the wondrous gift of all it has to offer.