Rick Copeland

Rick Copeland was the quintessential outdoorsman with a deep passion for preserving our traditional outdoor heritage, getting families involved in outdoor conservation and recreation, and championing causes for fishing and hunting. (1)

He spent his life pursuing his vision of having safe areas for hunting, fishing and camping; educating others in the importance of conservation through proper utilization; and pioneering programs to provide opportunities for many, including families, women, youth and the disabled, to enjoy the outdoors. (1)

Rick was a founding Member, President and CEO of Wilderness Unlimited, established in 1987, that offers many thousands of acres of private land access for fishing, hunting and camping in the western U.S. (1)

Rick Copeland is an inductee into the California Outdoor Hall of Fame and Past President of the Outdoor Writer’s Association of California with many awards from that group. He was a founder of the “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” program, worked with “Catch-A-Smile” program, and helped administer the Youth Outdoor Sports Fair and Lucy’s Pond, a rolling-traveling pool for kids to catch their first fish. He participated with the Department of Fish and Wildlife in many how-to outdoor type seminars, and had a great positive impact on thousands about the outdoor life. (1) Along with heritage programs through Wilderness Unlimited and The Wilderness Unlimited Foundation. 

Above all, he was a husband, father, brother and friend.  So many can attribute their love and participation of outdoor recreation to Rick. Their lives forever change and forever better because he was in it. 

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